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James B. Halla, PsyD

Dr. Jim Halla has been helping children, teens, adults, couples and families cope with everyday and not so every day stress for over 20 years.  He approaches each of you as an individual whose need to be heard with compassion, interest and respect is first and foremost.   Even though we all share common aspects of human experience, we are also unique -- all of us -- and cannot be fit into a mold.  Nor will we benefit from just one approach to treatment.  Jim has found that he is most successful when he first listens to you without judgement and then brings to the conversation a strategy based on clinical experience that makes sense to you.  He believes therapy is a cooperative interaction between people, focused on helping you understand your goals and your stress or pain in a way that not only makes sense of what you are going through, but also helps define how you can move forward toward the kind of life you want.

In addition to treating people who suffer from trauma and a variety of anxiety and depressive disorders, Jim works well with those who struggle with relationship problems within and outside your family(s).  In his treatment with younger clients, he works hard to empower those with the most influence on young lives:  parents.  Jim has particular interests in helping parents cope with children's difficult behavior at all ages, as well as their own struggles to maintain an intimate relationship with their adult spouse/partner.  Teens and their parents -- even those teens in individual treatment -- also often benefit from an approach that recognizes both how connected we all are and how individual we all are.

Finally, Jim's interest in families extends beyond psychotherapy to conducting evaluations of children, adolescents and adults for attorneys, Guardians ad Litem, courts and other mental health professionals.  He has extensive experience understanding and evaluating the needs and abilities of children and parents who are coping with the intensely stressful circumstances of parenting and/or divorce that have led to their involvement in the legal system.  He also conducts evaluations to help courts decide whether or not a person is competent to participate in a criminal or civil proceeding.

Helping children, adolescents, adults and families feel less stressed so they can enjoy more of their lives.