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Fees for service depend on a number of factors (types of service, length of session, etc.) but the cost per visit should always be clear between you and your therapist.  We request payment at the time of servcie.  Please discuss any other arrangements with your therapist.
Green House Group, PA is an eligible provider for most insurance carriers.  As a service to you, we can bill your insurer.  In today's world of managed care, PLEASE verify in advance your outpatient mental health benefits/options including the need for pre-authorization, copayment, limits to sessions, and your deductible.  Again if your insurance company requires you to obtain authorization, those sessions which occur without such authorization will be billed to you and are your financial responsibility.  All deductibles and copays are your responsibiility.  Copayment MUST be paid at the time of your visit to your clinician.  (Managed care contracts obligate us to collect the copay at the time of your visit.)  You, not your insurance company, are responsible for full payment of relate fees.  You may also elect to pay Green House Group, PA yourself to avoid any of the problems above, e.g. managed care requirements, possible disclosure of your clinical records to the insurance company.
If you are unable to keep a scheduled appointment and do not give your therapist twenty-four (24) hours notice, you will be personally charged for that visit; we cannot bill insurance for missed appointments.  There may be other charges not covered by insurance including (but not limited to) report writing, telephone conversations lasting longer than ten (10) minutes, consulting with other professionals with your permission, preparation of records or treatment summaries, time spent performing any other service you may request.  If you become involved in legal proceedings that require clinical participation, you will be expected to pay for all professional time, including preparation and transportation costs.
An account blance ninety (90) days over due will be considered PAST DUE and our billing department will contact you to develop a payment arrangement.  A balance one-hundred twenty (120) days overdue and with no response to the payment arrangement may be sent to a local agency for collection, which will require us to disclose otherwise confidential information, such as your name, nature of services provided, and the amount due.  We do not anticipate collections procedures but we have established this policy so that all clients are clear as to our office procedure.  Again, please TALK with your therapist first and frankly if you have questions about fees, payment or your balance.
While certainly none of the above concerns may occur, we must make each client aware of the nature and limits of clinical and business policy procedures. 

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